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History in RGB

History in RGB is an exploration of individual and collective history as viewed through multiple lenses. Representing images of history, popular culture, mythic folklore, landscapes, and creatures, History in RGB proposes alternatives to the systemic representations ordered by colonial narratives.

mas masarap magkasama, 2022

Benevolent Assimilation, 2021

Herebefore Thereafter (Aotearoa), 2019

Tropical, 2018

Next To Nothing

​​Next to Nothing is an installation comprised of animated still images, video, and sound that toys agnostically with the cyclical uncertainty of the transformation of energy, afterlife, and spirituality. It consists of three pieces, Yours As Much As Mine, a two-channel video installation, Mimesis, a single-channel video installation, and Waiting For The Bridge, sound from a record player with a 7-inch record.


Expanded Earthly World

​​Culled from hundreds of snapshots of sunsets, sunrises, and overall breathtaking landscapes shared and posted on variety of social media networks, the images are cut up and used as a palette for the ever-changing landscapes. This work alters the conventional use of personal nature photography, which often results a barrage of mundane, sterile and mass-produced sunsets, drained of sensuality.



Solar Motel

​​Driven by Chris Forsyth’s Solar Motel LP (issued in October 2013), the video is an extension beyond the musical composition. The video is part of both a live-feed video installation for live performance of the Solar Motel band (performed at The Rotunda in Philadelphia on November 15, 2013), an accompaniment to the studio version of the LP, and a video installation. 



​​Brainstormers is an activist performance collective that is committed to bringing gender politics into the public dialogue and challenging the current power structure to change its ways. Brainstormers is my collaboration with Elaine Kaufmann and Danielle Mysliwiec.


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